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Biodegradable Receipt Printer Paper

Posted by in on 10-11-12

biodegradable receipt paper


Enviro-Media Biodegradable Receipt Printer Paper


A replacement for paper-based receipt paper. It is a polymer film receipt media made of a high-tech composite of olefin plastic layers. The biodegradable film has a very thin layer of conventional thermal sensitive material, to behave much like paper media.

Because the olefin material is very porous on a microscopic level, the density of the finished product is low, making the total weight of a roll roughly half that of a conventional paper roll.


Polymer film media offers several operational and eco-friendly advantages over paper media;

  1. 100% recyclable, these recepts become part of the plastics recycling stream instead of landfill.
  2. Polymer film media requires only 25% of the energy needed to produce paper media, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. 90% less energy consumed in recycling a pound of plastic receipts compared to a pound of paper receipts
  4. Unlike paper media, polymer film media does not require the cutting of trees nor does it require huge volumes of water for production.  Using polymer receipts has no adverse impact on global forestry
  5. There are no harmful byproducts from the production of polymer media that can pollute waterways.
  6. Polymer film media weighs 50% less per linear foot than paper media and it requires less fuel to transport media rolls. Fewer trucks are needed to transport polymer media because far more cases can be loaded on a single truck before the weight limit of the truck is exceeded. Fewer trucks equates to less fuel burned and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. Because Polymer media is thinner than paper media, more media can be wound on a roll. This can dramatically reduce the labor expense associated with roll changes.
  8. Increased security as this material cannot be duplicated in a photo copy machine
  9. Paper making produces 50 times more water contaminants than the manufacturing of plastic films.

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